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About the LinkUp Blog

The LinkUp Blog provides unique insight, in a real voice, on industry news and emerging trends for the smart recruiter and savvy job seeker. Subscribed to stay current on job search and HR and comment to let us know your thoughts!


LeadershipPhotosToby94x94Toby Dayton, President & CEO
Toby was named President of LinkUp in 2005 and CEO in 2007. He blogs about jobs data, the employment advertising industry, and his many interests. Toby is the best Catan player in the company, plays golf, and spends most of his free time with his wife and 3 boys.


LeadershipPhotosMolly94x94Molly Moseley, Senior Vice President Marketing
Molly is a founding member of LinkUp and has more than 10 years of experience in the recruitment advertising industry. She writes about recruitment and HR industry trends. Outside of work, Molly enjoys any outdoor activity, is a wannabe chef, a chicken wing connoisseur, and partakes in weekly dance parties with her two small children.


LeadershipPhotosBrad94x94Brad Squibb, Senior Vice President, Product & Digital Strategy
Brad’s experience includes nearly 15 years of delivering web-based B2B solutions and bringing new products to market. Brad blogs about the technology trends across Recruiting and HR. Away from work, Brad enjoys golfing, anything outdoors, and experiencing the world with his wife and two kids.


LeadershipPhotosMike94x94Mike Phenow, Chief Technology Officer
Mike oversees all things tech at LinkUp, from infrastructure to engineering, development, maintenance, support, and more. Mike blogs about technology and how it relates to job search and recruiting. Outside of LinkUp, Mike can be found hanging out with his wife and son, or at the Osseo fire station, where he is a Captain and Training Officer as well as the Gambling Manager for the Fire Relief Association’s charity.


BlogPhotosSteph94x94Stephanie Anderson, Marketing Communication Strategist
Stephanie specializes in social media and job seeker engagement at LinkUp. She serves as LinkUp’s own job seeker liaison, understanding their needs, challenges, and celebrating their successes! She writes about job search tips, tricks and tools. Outside of LinkUp, you can find her in her kitchen, behind the lens of her camera, or chasing after her two small daughters.

Interesting in contributing to the LinkUp Blog? Contact Steph.Anderson@LinkUp.com.

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