09/24/2015 Toby Dayton

Tremendous growth inspires LinkUp’s move to downtown Minneapolis

    Adios, Suburbs! Although it’s been fun, it’s time for a new adventure in the big city. Yep, after 15 years on the outskirts of Minneapolis, LinkUp and parent company JobDig moved downtown, and the entire crew couldn’t be more excited.

    After carefully considering various real estate hot spots, our team decided the vibrant Warehouse District was the perfect fit for us. Its one-of-a-kind buildings, central location and many awesome eateries within walking distance are just a few of the reasons we love the area.

    This fall we are settling into our 7,000 square feet home on the top floor of the Kickernick Building. Located at First Avenue and Fifth Street, the location is easy to access and central to all that makes the Twin Cities great. Overlooking the amazing skyline, the new space is incredible and the feeling of the city is simply electric.

    Office1  Office3  Office2  Office5  Office4  Office6

    The office size is a big step up from the previous 4,500-sq. ft. location in St. Louis Park. A necessary size upgrade thanks to the tremendous growth we’ve experienced in the past few years. What’s more, we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon, as we anticipate plenty more growth in the future. Stay tuned for LinkUp to aggressively hire in 2016 and beyond!

    “We are really excited to be moving downtown. It’s been a phenomenal period of growth for our business, and moving into a new location in the Warehouse District represents a great next chapter for the company,” said LinkUp President and CEO Toby Dayton.

    As a company that promotes a very collaborative work environment, the space has been designed with employees in mind. The new office features an open floor plan with beautiful high ceilings, ergonomic stand-up desks and large windows with breathtaking views of downtown Minneapolis. Of course, the new espresso machine is also an employee favorite. The Sherman Group, which owns the building, recently started lobby renovations to reclaim the structure’s historic brick-and-timber construction, giving the entire building a unique personality.

    “As we considered what kind of space we wanted, a central location with the right feel was key. Our new office space has tons of character and is a fun and open space that will greatly support our culture,” said Chief Financial Officer Dianne Austgen.

    The office construction and move were both an all hands on deck effort. Anyone who has moved a business to a new location knows it’s a lot of work. In the end, however, it’s been worth it because the dynamic new space aligns perfectly with LinkUp’s personality and future ambitions.

    And while the move has been a little hectic, we can always rely on our new motorized scooter to blow off some steam. Watch out!

    Photos by Katie Mueller Photography.

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