08/08/2016 Toby Dayton

LinkUp Open Jobs Platform

LinkUpBlogImage_SearchResults_080516LinkUp has developed an Open Jobs Platform that provides job boards and media websites with real-time access to over 3 million high-quality jobs directly from employer websites. All jobs within the Platform are sourced and updated daily from over 30,000 company websites, across all industries, throughout the US.

Connecting to LinkUp’s unique Open Jobs Platform instantly increases the volume of up-to-date, high-quality jobs for your site. The Open Jobs Platform offers a blend of revenue-shared sponsored job content, along with organic jobs that link directly back to the employer’s website. This unique approach of removing the middle-man and sending the job seeker directly back to the employer’s site provides a phenomenal user experience, all while maintaining your company brand.

Key Benefits of LinkUp’s Open Jobs Platform

  • Highest-quality job backfill solution with proven track record of uptime and reliability
  • Clicks send job seeker directly to the employer’s site – no user hijacking or redirects
  • Real-time access to over 3 million job listings for 30,000 employer sites
  • No duplicate, scam, job board or staffing listings
  • Revenue-share on clicks to sponsored job

LinkUp’s Open Jobs Platform is the only solution in the market that allows you instant access to millions of high-quality job openings, provides a phenomenal user experience with no redirects, and delivers a fruitful new revenue stream for your company.

For more information about LinkUp’s Open Job Platform please contact Brad.Squibb@linkup.com.


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