08/23/2018 Rochelle Tishuk

Jobs scooting into a city near you

Dockless scooters have arrived here in Minneapolis and we can’t get enough. Scooters are a perfect vehicle for quick lunchtime errands, or team joy rides throughout the streets of the warehouse district, which we call home.

With their surprise arrival, we were inspired to learn more about these companies, their hiring activity, and where they are likely to pop up next.

Our analytic team pulled job listing data on ride-share scooter companies and got a lot of great insights. So far there are five players in the dockless scooter and bicycle segment that have job openings on their websites: LimeBike, Bird, ofo, Skip Scooters, and Spin.

LimeBike & Bird have the majority of their job openings in the US, but they also have job openings in several other countries. Skip & Spin job openings are only located in the US right now. ofo only has job openings in Singapore & Australia.

LimeBike & Bird have by far the most job openings on their websites with 229 and 134 job openings, respectively. Both companies have 10-15% of their job openings outside of the U.S.

We did find that the integral role of “scooter charger” was not advertised on any of the companies’ career sites. Instead, they advertise the opportunity to earn money charging scooters in each of their respective apps. Without a doubt these companies couldn’t operate without charged scooters, so it’s interesting to see how they are filling this role.

To get a feel for where we think the scooters will arrive next, we looked at where they are hiring, but have yet to launch. For Bird, we found openings in Chicago and New York with no mention of a presence on their site. And sure enough, rumors are already flying in those cities!

Similar to Bird, a review of job openings shows what cities Lime plans to conquer next. For example, Lime is hiring Operations Managers in Fayetteville, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa Alabama. And sure enough, according to the Birmingham Business Journal, Lime made its Alabama debut just last week on August 15th.

LinkUp will continue to monitor these dockless ride-sharing companies as they continue to expand into new cities and new countries.

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