09/27/2018 Meg Slindee

LinkUp adds O*NET/SOC classifications to jobs data

We at LinkUp are excited to announce a major enhancement to our job market data solutions. We have applied the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) classification system to all current and historical job openings in our database. 

The O*NET system features hundreds of standardized descriptions of more than 1,000 occupations across the U.S. economy. O*NET’s hierarchical model defines occupations from major groups down to more granular positions, and includes additional attributes including job duties, skills, education requirements, salary, and more.

The addition of this information allows users to segment our extensive database of job listings for specific occupations as defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) system.

Additionally, it increases the accuracy of our data, provides a useful occupational hierarchy, and also unlocks a plethora of new insights from our data such as:

  • Distribution of occupations across a company, industry, or geographical area
  • Growth and decline of occupations over time or in a particular geography
  • Growth and decline of occupations within a particular company or set of companies

An example of the value of the O*NET classification system to our database is the ability to identify occupational growth or decline by Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).  

This type of analysis can help a variety of users assess labor demand, understand trends, and predict growth or decline within specific sectors and job types. 

For more information about LinkUp’s job market data, and our application of the O*NET classification system, please contact data@linkup.com.

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