03/27/2019 Rochelle Tishuk

Spotify and Amazon Music turn up the volume on hiring

The battle of the music streaming services is heating up! Spotify announced last week that it is expanding its partnership with Hulu. Spotify premium users can now add a free Hulu subscription on top of their $9.99 a month music plan. It’s an effort to further solidify their position as a leader in the music (and video) streaming space, but Amazon is not backing down.

Streaming music on Alexa devices has become big business for Amazon, and they are looking to take it to the next level.

We looked to LinkUp’s job listing data to see how these two music streaming giants stack up against each other and other services such as GooglePlay and Pandora.

We found that Spotify has nearly twice as many job openings right now, as its closest competitor Amazon Music. And while Amazon and Spotify are trending upwards, Apple, Google, and Pandora are struggling to expand their market share at a similar same rate.

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