06/05/2019 Molly Moseley

Cannabis Jobs, High On Success

Jobs in the cannabis industry have seen significant growth in the past year, and cannabis is now considered the fastest growing industry in the country. Just one year ago, we published the white paper Growing Like a Weed: The Impact of the Cannabis Industry on the Job Market, but the industry is growing so fast we decided to revisit our data and provide an update.

As of today, 33 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes up from 20 states in spring 2018. Ten states have adopted laws legalizing marijuana for recreational use, up from eight states at the same time last year. The expansion of legalized cannabis has resulted in an increase of cannabis jobs, the industry is thriving, and the pay is good.

Job Growth since 2018

On average in May 2018 the top 10 companies for cannabis hiring had 63 job openings, compared to an average of 122 job openings from those same 10 companies today, an increase of 50%.

Cannabis Job Title Evolution

Over the past year, the top 10 cannabis job titles in the industry have become more traditional in nature. Just last year, top cannabis job titles reflected efforts to establish their products, infrastructure, and clear legislative hurdles, while this year job titles are more focused on marketing and selling their now legal products like any other business.

The Future of Cannabis Jobs

While legalization has been lucrative for the industry, it has also drawn attention from regulators. Last week the Food and Drug Administration held its first hearing on cannabidiol oil or CBD to help determine how to regulate CBD products. The hearing left much to be determined and cannabis stocks took a hit Monday as a result, but demand continues to be high and legalization efforts successful. In fact, the Illinois legislature voted in favor of legalization just last week. We expect job growth to continue to expand into 2020 and beyond.

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