08/06/2019 Molly Moseley

Citrix job listings tell story of business gains and losses

Citrix has had a tough year. Underperforming the past two quarters, Citrix shares have fallen 1.5% since January, while the S&P 500 as a whole has gained 19.9%. But what does the second half of 2019 hold for the tech company?

Citrix provides digital workspace, networking, and analytics solutions for enterprise clients, with 8,000 employees worldwide. Looking at Citrix job openings from January 2014 to date, we have found a reliable pattern emerge around key events.

Positive events such as its merger with LogMeIn, acquisition of Scale Extreme, and release of positive Q1 2018 earnings, all occurred following an increase in unique active job openings. Conversely, negative events such as leadership turmoil, layoffs, and record losses were preceded by a drop in unique active job openings.

Since February of this year, Citrix job listings have decreased by nearly 25%. Looking forward, our predictive jobs data suggests more trouble on the horizon soon.


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