09/05/2019 Isaac Flath

Nothing lasts Forever (21)

Forever 21 is forever facing trouble these days. From rumors of bankruptcy on the horizon, to Ariana Grande suing the popular tween retailer for “allegedly using her name, image, likeness and music” in an ad campaign this year, it can’t catch a break.

Where we are seeing is a break is in Forever 21’s unique active job listings, which decreased 43% in August.

We know from our analysis that hiring activity and job listing data often fits into a reliable pattern of decline prior to signs of distress and/or bankruptcy.



In looking at Forever 21’s job listing data over the past few months, we are seeing three key signals of distress:

  • – Job creation dropping
  • – Job deletion outpaces job creation
  • – Unique active jobs dropping sharply

Only time will tell how stressors like the retail apocalypse and bifurcation of retail, and Forever 21’s new high-profile law suit will impact the company’s strategy.

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