10/03/2019 Isaac Flath

Comparing Healthcare Hiring: Public vs. Private

When comparing the success of healthcare companies, a very important distinction is whether the company is publicly or privately held. We tend to hear that private healthcare companies are able to move faster and innovate earlier but are more volatile, while public healthcare companies tend to demonstrate more stability, but less impressive growth.

To better understand how hiring relates to this hypothesis, we compared job listings data for a sampling of top private and top public healthcare companies.

When we drill into the 2019 cumulative job count percent change (see above), we can see that private companies have seen much more volatility in their changing job counts, but they are also performing better overall than public companies.

Overall in 2019, total unique active job counts at private healthcare companies increased nearly 20%, while public healthcare company job listings increased only 3%.

The specific companies we looked at were:

  • Public: Cigna, Anthem, Henry Schein, Pfizer, Boston Scientific, Molina Healthcare, Danaher, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Zoetis, Davita, Cardinal Health, Johnson & Johnson, Universal Health Services, and Abbott Laboratories.
  • Private: Caldera Medical, Welltok, Noom, Sunset Healthcare Solutions, Health Catalyst, 10x Genomics, Benzer Pharmacy, Providence Healthcare Management, and BioAgilytix.

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