12/16/2019 Nic Gustafson

Is Pier 1 done?

Inside Pier 1 stores this holiday season employees are busy helping shoppers finish up their shopping lists. Back at Pier 1 headquarters finance staff are getting ready for their quarterly earnings call, scheduled for this Wednesday, December 18th.

In anticipation of the earnings call, we did a quick analysis of Pier 1’s job listings data to see what hiring activity might suggest about its performance this quarter.  We found that the home furnishings retailer had a decline in job listings for 4 of the past 5 months. Further, we saw a relationship between job listings and stock price, as Pier 1’s job listings were down 36% since the middle of September, while their stock price was down 37% over the same period.

The decrease in job listings is unusual for a retail company during the holiday shopping season. This could be a sign of lackluster sales and an attempt to reduce expenses.

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