03/31/2020 Molly Moseley

COVID-19 jobs expand as cases rise

In February, the spread of coronavirus had begun growing at an alarming pace. It was at that same time that the first mentions of COVID-19 began to appear in LinkUp’s job listings. As those mentioned increased, companies like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DLH Holdings, Novavax, as well as state and local governments, were looking to fill positions created in direct response to the outbreak.

As the outbreak expanded to the level of global pandemic, the number of COVID-19-related positions in our database increased exponentially. These listings continued to grow throughout March as the number of coronavirus cases climbed and local, state, and national authorities rapidly developed their response to the crisis.

While the majority of the population is encouraged (or mandated) to practice social distancing in an effort to “flatten the curve,” hospitals and medical providers are scrambling to add staff and obtain needed supplies. Our job listings clearly reflect this sharp increase in staffing needs.

In addition to medical personnel like nurses, screeners, patient transport, respiratory therapists, paramedics, radiographers and pharmacy, there are other essential jobs showing an increase in listings. Food delivery continues to add jobs, as more people are isolating at home. Listings for housekeepers, cleaners, site safety, and hygiene managers also continue to grow. Many of these listings specify they are temporary positions.

Many employers are also including verbiage in their job postings speaking directly to the newly unemployed. These direct appeals to a workforce displaced by coronavirus will be an interesting trend to watch as the ripple effect of the pandemic continues to be seen.

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