04/15/2020 Toby Dayton

Since Mid-March, The LinkUp 10,000 Has Been Declining Roughly 1% Per Day

As we’ve highlighted a number of times in the past few weeks, one of the analytics we’re tracking closely these days is The LinkUp 10,000. The analytic, which we calculate both daily and monthly, tracks the total number of unique job openings found only on company websites from the 10,000 global employers with the most job openings in the U.S. on that day (for the daily calculation) or during a given month (for the monthly calculation).

Since March 1st, the LinkUp 10,000 has dropped by more than 700,000 job openings or 27%. Since March 17th, the index has dropped by an average of 25,000 job openings per day – a daily decline of roughly 1%. The chart below is that daily ∆ – the daily decline in U.S. labor demand since January 1st.


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