05/10/2021 Nic Gustafson

Jobs Recap: April 2021

Still on the upswing

We’ve got a spring in our step after yet another month of growth. Following the 11% increase in active job listings we saw in March, and our return to pre-pandemic job levels, April’s active job listings were up a solid 4%. 


Occupation breakdown

While we are by no means past the pandemic, it’s clear we have managed to crawl out from the massive COVID-shaped crater it created in the job market. Examining jobs by occupation, we can see upward movement across the board over the last year. 

While all occupations have seen growth, some in particular stand out. Production occupations have seen the highest increase in demand over the last 12 months, up an impressive 47%. Also seeing big growth over the last 6 months: Business and Financial Operations; Computer and Mathematical; and Management job listings. In contrast, Food Service and Serving occupations have seen a more irregular pattern of growth since the crash, unsurprising given the unique stresses the pandemic has imposed upon the restaurant industry.


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