05/06/2022 Siying Liu

Did the hot job market stop?

Last week, employers added 524k job postings and deleted 584k job postings, resulting in a total job count of roughly 4.6M, down 1.2% from two weeks ago. 

The states with the most unique active jobs last week: California (489K), Texas (399K) Florida (272K), New York (232K), and Illinois (178K). However, only 11 states experienced an increase in job listings from two weeks ago, while the remaining 39 states witnessed a fall (increase shown in green and decrease shown in red in the map below). Montana and Minnesota experienced the greatest declines, down 3.96% and 2.7%, respectively (marked as a darker red in the map).


Looking at the job market in the top 20 MSAs, things aren’t looking good. Except for Cleveland, all cities are losing jobs compared to two weeks ago. (The map’s color represents the percentage change, while the size represents the number of jobs.)


Arts, Design, Entertainment, and Sports (-3.3%); Military (-3.1%); Personal Care and Service (-2.8%); and Computer and Mathematical (-2.5%) were among the occupations that saw their job listings drop the most last week. Occupations with increased job listings: Food Preparation and Serving (+1.5%) as well as Building, Grounds cleaning, and Maintenance (+1.1%). 

A substantial 89% of industries also suffered job losses in the past week: Information (-3.6%); Public Administration (-3.4%); Professional, Scientific and Technical Service (-2.5%) having the highest rate of job listing decline. Industries with increasing job listings: Accommodation and Food Service (+2%) along with  Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction (+0.63%).


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