09/14/2022 Nic Gustafson

Drastic labor demand decline across tech occupations

As we just shared in the our most recent Monthly Recap, tech jobs have stood out recently with job listings declining at a high rate. In August, companies in the Information industry saw a 13.4% decline in job listings, a continuation of the drastic drop in job demand we’ve seen in that sector over the last 4 months.

Looking demand at the occupation level, jobs in Computer and Mathematical dropped by over 10% in August. And all sub-segments within the information industry saw substantial declines in demand last month.

Job demand dropped most drastically for Information Technology Project Managers, down 13.8% to about 50,000 listings last month. 

Application Software Developers currently hold the most active job listings (over 200,000), but were also impacted with jobs decreasing 12.7% in August.

Tech positions with the least decline: Software Developers, Systems Software were down 4.5%, and Computer User Support Specialists down 3.6%.

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