10/11/2022 Nic Gustafson

Job Market Data Performance Report 

As the leader in job sourcing data, LinkUp offers the most accurate and timely information directly from employer job listings, and we attest to the immense value of our data as an added alternative data source. Job listings are a high frequency indicator of forward-looking employer plans for their workforce needs. And the quantity, timing, location, and types of labor demand can provide indications of growth, distress, strategy, and preferences of the prospective employer. 

LinkUp and Exabel have partnered to produce the LinkUp Insights Platform powered by Exabel, an easy-to-use platform with a customizable dashboard and toolset for exploring job listings data and rapidly testing investment strategy hypotheses. LinkUp has used this platform to demonstrate the utility of job listings data as a primary input into various equity investment strategies, and we invite you to do the same.

Using signals derived from LinkUp job listings data can add potentially 2% to 5% of alpha annually. Specific returns for each factor sat above 2% in each test and got as high as 5.6% annually. 

These jobs-derived signals can be fine-tuned or combined with other signals to fit many investment strategies. If needed, the LinkUp dataset also allows signals to be expanded on further by parsing out details found in the text of job descriptions. 

We invite you to download the Performance Report to see more details, graphs, and the results of our tested strategies for yourself.