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Salesforce picking up Slack

December 1, 2020 Molly Moseley

The rumor mill began churning last Thursday with rumblings that software giant Salesforce had interest in acquiring work tools company, Slack. Official news is expected soon – and we all wait with bated breath to see how this will impact …

The vaccine race

November 20, 2020 Molly Moseley

For what feels like the first time since 2020 began, there is good news on the horizon. Less than one year since the novel coronavirus changed our world, several vaccines boasting impressive efficacy are nearly ready to go to market, …

The Shape of Recovery

October 20, 2020 Nic Gustafson

In recent weeks, the term “K-shaped recovery” has been popping up with increased frequency; used by political figures, economists and media personalities alike. Investopedia, in short, defines a K-shaped recovery as when “different parts of the economy recover at different …