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PTO and nowhere to go

July 9, 2020 Steve Lovell

Just in case you were feeling like 2020 wasn’t difficult enough, it’s time to brace yourselves for the PTO tsunami! While employees have largely spent spring and summer hunkered down at home, vacations and planned time off fell by the …

The Remote Work Toolkit for Employers

April 14, 2020 Steve Lovell

It wasn’t so long ago that the term “remote work” conjured images of bespectacled hipster freelancers pecking away at laptops fed by coffee shop WiFi. But in a world besieged by a global pandemic, this once buzzy concept has become …

Going remote: how to hire in 2020

March 23, 2020 Steve Lovell

The landscape of work is changing rapidly, especially given the large-scale response to the global coronavirus pandemic. Employees demand more flexible work arrangements, and employers are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain talent. One way to rise to …