11/02/2015 Stephanie Anderson

Programmatic advertising: a recruitment game changer


Long gone are the days of hanging a help wanted sign in a window to secure a hire. Today recruiters and HR professionals live in a technology and data-driven world. Employers want to find candidates fast and at a low cost, and are demanding data and intelligence on their recruiting efforts.

One of the biggest game-changer in the digital recruiting space in recent years has been programmatic recruitment advertising

Programmatic recruitment ad buying encompasses an array of technologies to automate the buying and placement of job openings on a predetermined network of job-related websites on a Price-Per-Click (PPC) or Price-Per-Apply basis (PPA). Programmatic ad buying maximizes targeting efficiency by continually optimizing placements for the highest conversion rate at the job level.

It is designed to streamline the recruitment advertising placement process, and bring down the cost per hire. In our latest white paper we provide an introduction to programmatic advertising, best practices and explore the future of this recruiting revolution. Download our white paper today! 

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