11/24/2015 Molly Moseley

Programmatic buying for recruitment [live webinar]

LinkUpProgrammaticBuying_Webinar_Email_V3_FinalKC (1)Recruitment advertising has evolved greatly in recent years. From pay-to-post to performance-based, advertising solutions for recruitment are getting more sophisticated, more accurate and arguably more successful.

Programmatic recruitment advertising is a great example of how the industry is making strides to leverage technology to streamline and optimize the recruitment ad buying process and attract quality candidates at a lower cost.

Programmatic buying encompasses an array of technologies to automate the buying and placement of job openings on a predetermined network of job-related websites, on a pay-per-click or pay-per-app basis. It maximizes targeting efficiency by continually optimizing placements for the highest conversion rate at the job level.

Interested in learning more about how programmatic recruitment advertising can help you hire better? Register for LinkUp’s live webinar Dec. 8th at 1pm CST, featuring a panel of industry experts who will discuss how it works and what the future looks like for this exciting recruiting technology. Register here or download our white paper today.

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