12/09/2015 Molly Moseley

Top 2016 HR trend: marketing-influenced recruiting

shutterstock_329215916As 2015 closes, I’m observing a growing trend among recruiters and HR professionals. It’s changing the way candidates are curated, and it may even change the entire structure of HR departments. The trend is recruitment marketing, and it’s positioned to turn mainstream in 2016 and beyond.

What is recruitment marketing? The concept takes cues from how B2C companies market in order to stimulate sales. You strategize how to reach your target market (the top talent pools), convey your target message (the job openings at your awesome company), and influence an action (a completed application).

Recruitment marketing has been around for some time, so you may be wondering why it is reaching its tipping point now. Because the current job market favors the job seeker over the employer, the goal for 2016 is to get the right job ad in front of the right active or passive job seekers and influence them to apply. A multi-faceted approach that strategically embraces proven marketing techniques will help recruiters streamline the job-fulfillment process while cutting expenditures.

Bottom line: Leveraging marketing in your recruitment will ensure better candidates and better hires. Here are some ideas for how you can get started:

1. Use programmatic software

Marketing technology like programmatic software is a game changer. This technology allows recruiters to better target, optimize and convert applicants. This equates to higher-quality applicants and a lower cost-per-hire. If you want to learn more, check out this Programmatic Buying white paper.

2. Partner with marketing

Of course recruiting will always live with HR, but be ready to tap other internal sources to improve hiring outcomes. Befriend the marketing team and collaborate with them on writing your job descriptions. You’ll be amazed at the results. Ultimately, you should try to formalize the relationship between marketing and HR to create synergies that will help you develop innovative recruiting practices.

3. Leverage re-targeting strategies

Re-targeting within your outreach efforts is important. Do this by putting a conversion tag on your career page and re-target visitors across social media and the Internet. Try using brand-building messages about how great it is to work at your company. This reinforces your key messages and will hopefully encourage applicants to return to your site.

4. Use email automation

Tried and true, email works when the target is educated. You just need to keep them interested. Automated email is a great tool to nurture the relationship you have with job seekers. Use it to keep job seekers “warm” and ultimately influence a conversion via application.

5. Create quality content

Content marketing will help you attract and retain job seekers while hopefully converting applications into hires. Blogs, social media, video, white papers and ebooks that are job-seeker focused will help you be seen as a thought leader while making a lasting impression. This helps attract employees today and well into the future.

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