The Remote Work Toolkit for Employers

April 14, 2020 Steve Lovell

It wasn’t so long ago that the term “remote work” conjured images of bespectacled hipster freelancers pecking away at laptops fed by coffee shop WiFi. But in a world besieged by a global pandemic, this once buzzy concept has become …

F*&k meetings

May 23, 2017 Molly Moseley

You wake up well rested and ready to tackle your day. You open up your work calendar to see what’s on your plate and you see back-to-back meetings the entire day. Will you have time to eat? Screw that, will …

Is your ATS a secret weapon or achilles heel?

March 29, 2016 Molly Moseley

HR software has revolutionized the recruiting process, helping save time, money and headaches associated with vetting qualified candidates. Research shows approximately 60 percent of companies use some form of applicant tracking system (ATS). The larger the company, the more likely …