01/20/2016 Stephanie Anderson

Snapchat: Is there value in it for the job seeker?

shutterstock_188728949The buzz about Snapchat right now is electric. According to Wired.com, Snapchat is having its “mom moment.” That means it’s no longer a niche app for younger demos. It’s now mainstream, and soon (if she hasn’t already) your mother or grandmother will be using it.

In recent years, the way people think about Snapchat has evolved from simply being a way for teens to keep in touch with friends. Now fashion bloggers, celebrities and brands are popular follows with more people joining every day for business or promotional reasons. In fact, reports note Snapchat has more than 100 million users and is growing rapidly.

For the career-minded individual, Snapchat offers value in a way that is just beginning to be tapped. Confused? Don’t be. There are numerous creative ways to use Snapchat to inspire and give yourself the edge you need to influence your future.

1. Get job search advice
Want free career guidance? J.T. O’Donnell, CEO of Careerealism and CareerHMO, is pioneering Snapchat use for career and job search. Her article says she’s using the platform to provide free job search coaching. I’m positive that other career coaches and experts will follow suit.

2. Stay current on news
When job searching, it’s important to stay up to date on current events and industry trends. Snapchat makes it easy to follow news outlets like CNN, gma_abc, nprnews, meetthepress and nowthisnews. If you’re applying at a company that actively uses Snapchat, be sure to follow them.

3. Stand out with a Snapchat resume
There will always be a place for a traditional resume, but if you want to set yourself apart, a Snapchat resume may be just the ticket. This comical Snapchat resume is a bit too literal, but it still serves as an example to inspire you.

4. Find inspiration
Job searching is hard and sometimes you just need a little encouragement. Follow Snapchatters who inspire you to keep your energy and enthusiasm pumping. The hands-down favorite in the LinkUp office is DJ Khaled (djkhaled305) because of his motivational messages and humorous, over-the-top outlook on life.

5. Learn about opportunities
More companies are realizing the value of Snapchat and using the platform to recruit. Taco Bell (tacobell) is a great example of a company using Snapchat to advertise job and internship opportunities. Look for more companies to be doing this in the future.

6. Get a dose of comic relief
Speaking of humor, use Snapchat to take a break and get some much needed comic relief from your job search or hectic work day. These funny snaps will give you the smile you need to keep on truckin’.

7. Show you’re tech-savvy
Companies increasingly want hires with proficiency in popular technologies, and what better way to show you’re on the cutting edge than by adding your Snapchat name to your resume, portfolio and social media profiles?

8. Become Snapchat employed
Looking for a job using Snapchat? Why not find a job at Snapchat? Yep, this business is only predicted to grow, so it might be the perfect spot for you to find new employment. They are hiring now!

Convinced Snapchat has value for the job seeker? Good. Now check out snapcodes to explore more folks to follow. Visit www.snapchat.codes and let us know who you’re following for job search advice and inspiration!

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