04/08/2020 Jeni Kramer

Who’s hiring? Job hunting in the age of COVID

There’s simply no way around it, navigating the job market in 2020 is…complicated. As the  coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold, we’re seeing low numbers of available jobs coupled with a massive influx of people newly unemployed. (In the week ending on March 21st alone, over 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits). Whether you’ve been displaced due to COVID-19 or find yourself seeking a job change for other reasons, it would be tempting to believe that finding employment now is a lost cause. But don’t despair! While it’s true there aren’t as many available jobs to choose from, there is still a wide variety of companies out there who are staffing up to support their ongoing COVID-19 efforts. 

Who’s hiring now?

To find out who exactly is hiring in the age of coronavirus, we dug into our job listing data.The top 20 is an assortment of companies that provide the household essentials and services that are keeping the country running.

Taco Bell tops our list of employers with the most job openings by the end of March with well over 50,000. Several others in the food service industry, like Burger King and Jack in the Box, appeared in the top 20 as well. Companies that provide groceries and other essentials all figure heavily on the list, with Dollar Tree in the #2 spot. Rounding out the top 3 is Walgreens. Transportation and healthcare are two other industries that continue to build their workforce in response to the pandemic. 

“Sellers of food and other essentials like Walmart and Amazon say they are looking to hire thousands of people,” according to Rebecca Binder, senior managing director at strategic communications and consulting firm RF|Binder. “Additionally, medical supply manufacturers are seeing demand for their products soar and are recruiting workers.” 

Now that millions are navigating work and education from home, our reliance on digital communication is at an all time high. In response to these growing needs, technology companies are staffing up to meet demand. Remote communication companies like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are all hiring, as are many companies that facilitate online education.  

Refine your search

When searching for open positions, it may be helpful to get specific with your search terms. LinkUp’s job listings show many employers incorporating language that reflects the current climate into job descriptions. Healthcare and other jobs that have direct relation to the pandemic can be easily found using COVID-specific search terms. Many other employers are using language that directly appeals to those who find themselves recently unemployed as a direct result of the pandemic. Statements like “are you unemployed” and “corona displaced” are popping up with increasing frequency. Experiment with your search terms to see which ones get you the results you’re looking for.

Though the search may require some additional creativity and patience, there IS a job out there for you. Don’t get discouraged! Whatever your area of skill or expertise, this unprecedented time presents new opportunities for savvy job seekers. Good luck!

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