09/03/2020 Jeni Kramer

On the hunt? Here’s who’s hiring now.

2020 continues to dole out a host of unique challenges (bears with nunchucks anyone?), not the least of which is finding a job. As the U.S. grapples with the worst shock to the job market since the Great Depression, record numbers of Americans are looking for work. Things have improved slightly since the catastrophic 14.7% unemployment rate seen in April, but July’s 10.2% figure is still neck and neck with the worst part of the Great Recession. (Pause here for collective ‘yikes.’)

Now the good news: if you are one of the millions of Americans currently looking for job opportunities, there ARE companies who are hiring. Back in April, we looked into our job listing data to see which employers were adding headcount. Unsurprisingly, what we saw was an increase in active listings with companies offering essential goods and services while people stocked up and settled in to ride out the first phase of the pandemic. Now that some COVID restrictions have been lifted and people attempt to find a new normal, we decided to take another look at the data to see who is hiring now. 

Examining the top 20, you can see a large presence by essential businesses who managed to avoid COVID closures. Dollar General tops the list of employers with the most job listings in August with well over 52,000. Other companies offering value priced essentials like Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree (which held the #2 spot in April) also boast large numbers of active listings.  

Fast food continues to be an area of opportunity for job seekers. Taco Bell held the top spot in April, but today they’re at number two with over 46,000 listings. Other fast food giants actively adding to their workforce include Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Wendy’s. 

Other essential goods and services figure prominently across the top 20 with appearances by multiple auto parts stores, convenience stores and pharmacy chains. Unsurprisingly, Amazon currently has just under 16,000 active listings as many continue to lean on home delivery services as a way to avoid unnecessary COVID exposure. 

Looking outside of the top 20, one fascinating phenomenon among active job listings is the emergence of COVID-specific positions. Positions like contact tracer, temperature screener and COVID-19 tester are popping up among our job listings, though not in large numbers. As the pandemic stretches on and cases continue to rise, it will be interesting to see whether the demand for these positions increases in kind. 

Though it may take some additional patience and persistence, there are positions out there for job seekers – and the numbers tell us the landscape may continue to improve. Make sure to polish up that resume and sharpen your interview skills so you’re ready to shine when your next opportunity appears!  

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